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The THELI WFI Test Data Set

Our THELI WFI@MPG/ESO2.2m test data set consists of 61 raw images from the ESO Deep Public Survey. The set covers DPS field Deep3b and contains 11 high-quality science frames, 10 Bias frames, 12 Dark frames, 12 Skyflats and 16 photometric standard star exposures.

Obtaining the data

You can obtain the WFI test data set from the ESO Science Archive

  • You need to be a registered ESO Archive User. In case you are not yet registered, you can do that at the ESO User Portal
  • The ESO identifiers for the files of our test data set are listed here. You can launch the data retrieval process by putting the list directly into the ESO Raw Data Direct Retrieval Service

Comparison Data

Once you will have processed the WFI test data, you can compare your results with existing, public processed versions of Deep3b: