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Welcome to THELI’s documentation!

THELI Documentation and Tutorials !!(UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION)!!

The following sections describe the usage of THELI with the processing of data from the WFI@ESO/MPG2.2m telescope at La Silla.

A Short LDAC Tools Guide

THELI uses a very-close to FITS tables format as its primary catalogue format. The following pages briefly describe the format and the available program toolbox to access and manipulate LDAC catalogues.


  1. The following pages refer to the LDAC tools within the THELI pipeline! In the meanwhile there are LDAC tools available from various sources. Those probably differ in functionality from the version described here!
  2. The prefered way to obtain the LDAC tools is to install them within THELI. For your convinience we offer here binary distributions for 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems.
  3. We do not aim to provide a complete and exhaustive reference to the LDAC format. We limit the discussion on aspects and tools that are the most important in day-to-day work. A more complete and in-depth description can be found in Erik Deuls Pipeline Documentation
  4. As I (Thomas Erben) am not an original author of the LDAC tools, parts of the following descriptions are certainly not entirely correct. Please email_me any suggestions for improvements or criticism!